Welcome to Zehn Solutions

Our story began in 2019, when one fine morning our founders stumbled upon the thought of Zehn, while sipping a hot cup of tea! Fond of creativity, they wanted to create something that would make people’s businesses go from basic to ….boom!!! Bringing some of the creative minds together, they formed a team of some passionate enthusiasts who love to design, collaborate, and have fun! Zehn is a combination of creativity and technology blended together to provide you one shop solution for all your branding concerns!

Penetrating a competitive market could be a daunting task for many businesses, so we are here to make your work a piece of cake, so that you can sit back & relax while we do all the thinking for you! We at Zehn are super excited to start a visual dialogue, learn about your problems and create something magical together!

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Increase engagement, traffic and conversations with our digital marketing tools! Our digital marketing tools help you improve the quality of traffic, brand awareness, and builds trust and credibility online for your businesses!

Public Relations

Our team of experts spend countless hours connecting and developing best practices so that they can serve our customers better. From outreach to crisis communications, our PR team is determined in accomplishing the output required.


We work on crafting creative ideas for promotion of your products and services that will help you increase your sales and customer awareness, and gain customer loyalty through proper campaigning & advertising.

Web Designing & Development

With Zillions of websites on the internet, we make sure that your company’s website is designed and developed in a way that it stands out. We are experts in building visually appealing, high-quality websites that help you grow your business.

Content Creation


Creative content can make dramatic difference in the viability of your project. Our creators are prolific and create great marketing techniques, designed to be informative and top notch that pushes your business ahead of the curve.

Graphic & Video Creation


High-quality images on social media attract more attention and so does innovative videos, our Graphic designers & video editors can take on any size project and make a meaningful impact for your company.

Our Process

1. Analysis & Designing

We start by analyzing the technical setup of your product, to identify gaps and inconsistencies. Based on this evaluation, we would develop a techno-creative detailed plan that will serve as a roadmap to what is to be done.

2. Implementation of Strategy

After proper analysis and a plan in place, our team will start working on the loop holes. Our team will create creative professional solutions to be used across all digital channels to establish a cohesive brand identity.

3. Results

With attractive professional solutions being utilized in every facet of your marketing strategy, your business will start attracting the attention of new and existing customers! And that’s where you’ll go from basic to BOOM!

Why the name Zehn ?

Zehn is a German word which means ten. Zehn also describes sagacity, wit and understanding. Our team inherits each of these qualities, which helps us give you Zehn(ten) solutions for every single problem you face!